Various sound projects including scores, instrumentals, electronic/EDM, experimental, beats, and soundscapes.


An emotional rollercoaster, this electronic-orchestral fusion piece takes you through apprehension, terror, courage, victory, and an uncertain future. 

The imagined plot to pair with this piece follows a submarine crew exploring the deeper reaches of the ocean, when they are confronted by a giant kraken, which they first attempt to flee, but after sustaining damage to the ship, decide to fight it. The crew (what’s remaining of them) emerges victorious with the Kraken sinking into the darkness below, however they now must push onward on their mission, with renewed apprehension of what else may emerge from the black depths.

Rain and a Latte

A lo-fi hiphop beat with a hint of psychedelia that creates a feeling of nostalgia and coziness.

Synth Project 01

A spacey, trance-like house track that makes you feel like you’re cruising through nebulas and past galaxies in outer space.